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The concept of Moving Walk

Through year of experience for escalator technology, "Moving Walk" has brought about enjoyable gliding comfort.
Toshiba Moving Walk carries passengers safely, rapidly and comfortably as the means of transportation for a new age.
Toshiba's moving walk has a power efficient driving system and pleasant riding quality with simple design, which produces a relaxed and easy feeling with an extensive prospect.



Basic specifications

Typical specification

The above application table based on GB16899-2011.

* Moving walk has other than the above specificatons, such as those with a speed of 40m/min or an inclination not exceeding 12° degress, can also be supplied. For further details as well as the specifications other than the standard ones, please contact Toshiba.

General specification

Item Interior panel Optional Specification

TC series moving walk


Control type

Single speed

Automatic operation with low speed and stop by stand-by mode (without poles type.) is optional specifications.


0℃ or more, 40℃ or less



Monthly av. 90% or less
Daily mean 95% or less, No dew drop


Power supply

For main power: Three phase AC. 380V-50Hz

Three phase AC. 380V-60Hz,AC.400V-50Hz, AC.415V-50Hz, AC.440V-50Hz

For lighting: Single phase AC.220V-50Hz
* Note 1

Single phase AC. 220V-60Hz,AC.230V-50Hz, AC.240V-50Hz

Voltage tolerance for main power

±10% or less in machine room terminal.


Voltage unbalance factor

5% or less


Frequency tolerance



Voltage tolerance for lighting

±5% or less in machine room terminal.


Installation place

Sheltered indoor spot

Outdoor type is not applicable

Corrosive gas

Don’t exist

* Note 2

Explosive gas

Don’t exist



Excessive dust must not exist

0.3 mg/m3 or less

Influence salt

Don’t exist

Quantity of sea salt particle NaCl 0.003mg/day/100cm2 or less

Note 1: When supplying lighting and inspection source from power source, need a step-down transformer.
Note 2: SO3: 0.02mg/day/100cm2 or less, NO2: 0.02mg/100cm2 or less, Cl: 0.006mg/day/100cm2 or less, NH4+: 0.02mg/day/100cm2 or less.




Selected the most suitable color from seven available color variations to match the building use and design concepts.

Operation panel

* Incluted Emergency stop button


Flat type

Slope type


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