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Kindly designed for everyone

The escalator "Kindmover-Ⅱ" incorporates numerous universal design features. Based on the concepts of "Kind to passengers and Kind to maintenance", the newly designed escalator enables to be used and maintained easily for everyone.




Application of LED lightingsOPTIONAL

LED lightings enables longer life span and more energy saving compared to the fluorescent lightings. Futurermore, it is environmentally friendly because there is no use of mercury.


Safety and Universal Design

TOSHIBA ESCALATOR safety devices

TOSHIBA ESCALATOR safety devices



Inlet brush

By installing a brush type guard at the entrance of the handrail belt, it prevents children's hands getting trapped into.

Step up thrust safety deviceOPTIONAL

At the entrance and exit area of escalator, it detects that foot is caught in the gap between steps and stops escalator.

Skirt guard safety deviceOPTIONAL

At the entrance and exit area of escalator, this safety device stops escalator by detecting passenger's feet getting caught in the gap between step and skirt guard.

Broken drive chain safety device*

In the unlikely event which the drive chain is disconnected, since the escalator can not be stopped with a normal electromagnetic brake, this safety device will mechanically lock the moving mechanism of the step to stop the escalator.

Information about the activation of safety device

This device will indicate which safety device has activated and stopped the operation.

*If the floor height exceeds 6000mm, "Auxiliary brake" will be employed instead of "Broken drive chain safety device".


SOFT FRONT EDGE STEP for all users   



In order to use escalator safely,
we have employed shock absorbing material at the front edge of step.

We chose the optimum material considering the balance between "softness" to obtain cushioning effect and "hardness" to prevent getting caught due to deformation.


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