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Fastest large-capacity elevators in Japan started operation at TOKYO SKYTREE®

TOKYO SKYTREE, which opened on May 22nd, we have installed four units of shuttle elevators for TEMBO DECK (350m in height). These elevators have capacity of 40 persons with maximum speed of 10m/s and are able to carry passengers up to TEMBO DECK in approximately 50 seconds. Also two service elevators have the longest travel distance in Japan (464.4m).

TELC has a global presence and is a world leader in high-speed elevator technology. We have installed the world's fastest elevators with a record speed of 1010m per minute in "TAIPEI 101" at Taiwan. TELC not only holds the record for the world's fastest elevators, but also delivers mass transport solutions, including double-deck elevators that it installed in Japan and China. This elevator offers floor height adjustment and can carry 1.9 times the mass of a single-deck elevator. These high quality technologies and experiences contributed to the development of elevators for TOKYO SKYTREE.

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